Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wool felt scarves

My girlfriend received this wool felted scarf for Christmas, it looks just OK in the picture but when its worn with a black leather jacket, etc. it is so sharp, she gets all kinds of complements on it. Last night our quilt bee all brought our old wool sweaters we felted to share.

We started by cutting open the seams and taking the sleeves off. Then we picked what colors we wanted to put together and rotary cut out the squares. We're each sewing them at home, hand stitching the squares together, then doing a black wool yarn blanket stitch along the outside edge.
Here's a few laid out ready to stitch.

This is mine.


And another. There were a couple more done in blues and I forgot to get a picture of them. At our next bee meeting (next month) I'll try to get some finished pictures.
We now have lots of wool pieces left over, any good ideas?

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Deb H said...

those really are going to be cute. What a great idea! I think a purse to match would be nice too!

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