Monday, January 19, 2009

Mi. quilt discovery days

For the past 20 some years Michigan State University have been holding quilt discovery days around the state documenting quilts throughout the state. This past Saturday one was held at our art museum. The weather was horrible, 15 degrees, snowing and blowing but people still came out. The following are a few of my favorites.This log cabin is made from old silk ties and old silk crepe dress scraps. It is so striking in real life.I accidentally put this picture on twice, that's what happens when you blog at work and people keep interrupting me! I meant to have the full size picture of a pomegranate quilt, the close up follows.

This pomegranate quilt is circa 1860's-70's. An elderly man brought it in and said it was given to him in the 1960's (with many others) in a box and tobacco was sprinkled over it all to keep the moths away. The workmanship is beautiful with the little birds in all the corner blocks in the lattice.

Kay studying this pineapple quilt made with wool suiting fabrics, circa late1800's. Kay is quite an expert on antique quilts.

Ok, back to the tulip quilt, on the back it is embroidered 1852.

This is picture of its maker.

This is the owner, her great grandmother made the quilt then passed it down to her granddaughter (the lady in the picture) who then passed it down to her granddaughter (the owner). She said she hopes to pass it on to her granddaughter which at this point she doesn't have.

Another older man brought this baby quilt in, his grandmother made it for him, he was born in 1942. It's the Pied-piper leading the kids out the village. I'm not sure if this was a kit quilt but it was beautifully done.

This was a great Ocean Waves circa 1875.

The half-square triangle quilt fabrics date from the late 1800's but the owner thought it was made in the 30's. There was a matching doll quilt that had been framed but had faded terribly.


Kathie said...

beautiful quilts
thank you so much for sharing them with us
wow is all I can say.

Deb H said...

They are wonderful quilts. What fun it would be to see them in person! Thanks for posting them.

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