Thursday, May 15, 2008


My son-in-laws birthday is this week, I wanted to make him something (he loves the quilts I make him and really appreciates them). He owns his own business, which is a exotic sports car club. I went on his web site and printed off the opening page onto fabric. I sewed on boarders and black cording on the edge and stuffed it into a pillow. My husband and I've begun doing spring yard work, I bought this new "specimen" shrub. I love how they trained the trunk to grow in a cork screw with the little puffs of branches.
This is the back view, you can see the trunk better, it is so cute. I've also planted Calendula, which is this years "herb of the year" and is suppose to be a good plant for natural dying along with a lot of medicinal uses. I'm looking forward to trying it and some other new plants. I'm beginning to set up my dye studio and am anxious to get started.


Deb H said...

Is that black fabric leftover from the wedding pillows? I'm sure Pasquel will love it.

The shrub is very cute. You know it was Calendulas that I spent $100.00 on, & planted, only to find a moose finishing them off the next morning.Same thinghappened with Livingston daisies.

I wonder if deer will munch on yours.Good luck.

Gaia Quilter said...

I'm not so worried about the deer (they can't get in our back yard) as I am about the rabbits, they've been eating my sunflowers every year. I'm planting some in pots so they won't be eaten. How did you spend $100.00, you must have bought a lot of plants? I bought 2 packages of seeds, maybe I need more! And yes, that may be the fabric from the wedding pillows, I didn't realize it.

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