Friday, May 2, 2008

More art from Mayo

Ok, I'm going to try to explain John's medical week at Mayo. This is how Mayo works and it's amazing. We went there with a few appointments scheduled through Tuesday but ended up staying until Fri. with our last appointment at 3:30. He started Mon. morning with a blood test and a chest x-ray, then a 9:30 appointment with the cardiologist. By 11:30 a.m. he was in exploratory heart surgery, they put in another stint, he now has 12, but the Dr's. didn't think that was his main problem (he has shortness of breath and chest pains, a lot). So, the rest of week he had many more tests even meeting with a pulmonary specialist who ran breathing tests (they wanted to make sure he had no blood clots or exercise induced asthma). He passed all the tests. Some of the test weren't even scheduled until May 6 & 7, but you go to the dept. and check in and they try to work you in, it's a wonderful system because you always get in. While he waited I rode the elevator and photographed the art. The last day we met with the cardiologist and he told us John as abnormal small artery (vessel) disease. There is no medical procedure to cure it. He changed some of his meds. and diet, and told him to walk a lot. When we arrived home our local Heart Rehab center called wanting to set up John's heart rehab schedule, we had no idea what they were talking about. Mayo had called them and told them what rehad. John needed and what they wanted him to do! They also sent all of his records to our family Dr. and instructed him on the meds. and treatment. What a medical system, we differently made the right decision to go there. Embroidery Silk, Early 19th century. Lakia Uzbekistan Try to read this description, its amazing the time put into this textile.

Andy Warhol 1970 Silk Screen. How can you compare all the tine and love put into textile art to modern art, and Mr. Warhol's sell for millions. (was that bad to say, you know what I mean, textile art is just starting to be valued for it true worth).

Fused and slumped glass. Klaus Moje 1994 Australia.
Chilka ceremonial dancing blanket. Goat hair, cedar bark and wool. circa 1879's Tlingit Tribe North America

Robe warp-faced, resit-dyed "ikat" technique. Silk & Cotton circa 1850 Uzbekistan, Central Asia

Painted folding screen, Japan 16th century.

I'll see you next week with a few more photos, there is so much art at Mayo we didn't have time to see it all, inside or out. Also, as you walk in the front lobby there's someone playing the grand piano.


Deb H said...

Well I'm glad you went to Mayo. Now at least you know, & maybe with their plan John will start feeling better.

The art is pretty amazing. It would be worth a trip to Mayo for that alone.

Melodie said...

Fascinating stuff! I wonder if Orchard View has a tour that goes there!

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