Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A little more art from Mayo

There is just so many wonerful pieces at Mayo, I have to show a few more, I love all their textiles, I want to travel the world and collect my own! They do have lots and lots of other traditional art pieces there, it is worth a trip there just to see their art collection.
Turkish Kilim Woven wool, mid 19th century Turkey
Child's jacket and 3 baby carriers. 20th century China (I had to photograph everything from the side so you wouldn't see the glass reflections quite so much).Detail hand embroidery

Detail Detail

Description Blown glass Martin Blank U.S.

"The Good Gramdees" hand blown glass, bronze. 2001 Dan Dailey U.S.

Ceromonial Banner Gold wrapped yarns on cotton ground. late 19th century Indonesia.
Hand carved wooden paddles, early 20th centruy Indonesia.


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Deb H said...

I love these pieces. The ones from Turkey & China remind me of Susan Shapiro's quilts. She takes old pieces & reminants that she has collected, & incorporates them into her quilts. They look rich with color & history.

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