Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Earth Loom

Mother's Day, my family helped me get the loom ready for this years weaving.
Grandson cut the old weaving off and hubby shored up the loom. Next year we need to replace it but I love this one made from his old tee pee poles.

 A temporary installment into the fire.

The Navajo believe when you take the weaving off you have to warp the loom right away.

It was difficult to warp as I have tiny solar lights hanging on the top and bittersweet vines already growing through the loom.

This years "plan" is to put in a few rows of eco dyed wool then weave a branch of Miss Bittersweet across, continuing that way until I reach the top. The vines will bring the weaving to life and maybe I'll get some berries woven in too.

The first 3 rows.
Hopefully Miss Bittersweet cooperates!


Anonymous said...

I so love watching your loom go thru every stage! Looking forward to the progression this year as well. Thanks for sharing...Deb C

Peggy said...

This weaving ritual you've created makes me reach for words like earthy, sacred, connecting, magical, meditative, honest, deepening....I love it so much. The empty loom beckons...xo

Judy Martin said...

I LOVE this so much!

I am inspired by it. I will return to see how it comes along during the year. xoxo

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