Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Button Flowers

Inspired by this button flower arrangement my quilt bee got together last week and had.....

button bee!. We used vintage buttons and different containers to each make our own arrangement.

This was mine, an antique Bromo seltzer bottle  with wonderful old buttons (thank you Deb C).
I wish I took close up pictures of all the bottles for you, everyone's was so different.

A customer at work brought me these beautiful iris plants.

The new varieties are so beautiful and the flowers last so long!

Out to my weekly "quilt retreat" on Lake Michigan. It is so good for the spirit after a long week, the waves, the birds, and the stitching it's all so relaxing.
Appliqueing on my last Sun.


Anonymous said...

Love the close ups of your bottle! They turned out so cute! Quite easy for us....not so much for Kathy, but it was fun! Something different from the usual fabric projects. See you soon! Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

One of the Calendar Girls, Cathy Schultz made button bouquets for gifts for each of us last year, using salt & pepper shakers with the tops on for the bases. They were adorable.
Is that still ice by the water?

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