Monday, April 17, 2017

Egg dyeing with cabbage

Easter egg dyeing party!
Start with little plants picked from the yard, a bowl of uncooked eggs and this year, red cabbage.

Add the grandsons, daughter and family and the fun begins.

I also had food coloring dyes for the boys.

We laid the fresh leaves on the eggs, wrapped squares of nylon around them and twisted them in the back with a bread twisty.
Layered them in a large pot of chopped up cabbage, water and a glug of whited vinegar. Brought to a boil and simmered an hour or so. They didn't look like they took any of the dye. I wasn't happy. I took them out and as they cooled the color began to show. While they are still wet take off the nylon and the leaves.

They weren't as dark as I thought they'd be but they are beautiful.
When cool I rubbed a little cooking oil on each.

I made up a few "nests" for Easter delivery.

I cooked, cooked and baked for Easter dinner, this was my center piece, fresh carrots, parsley and daffodils from my yard.

In my big pots, out went the winter greens and in fresh pussy willows and a fun metal carrot.


Anonymous said...

We decorated eggs with scotch tape and traditional dye.haha. yours are very beautiful! Love the carrot for your centerpiece. Hello to your daughter and grandsons! Enjoy your blog very much!

Anonymous said...

they turned out so great!! Looks like everyone enjoyed the day! Sounds like a long day of cooking, I slept my day away....beginning to finally feel better. See you soon! Love the weather, I think spring is here to stay! Deb C.

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