Monday, April 24, 2017

Dyeing with indigo

It was Earth day/ birthday weekend, the weather was warm and sunny and I spent every minute I could outside.  I hung up my Earth day wall hanging, my husband and I took a ride and when we came home, hand-made birthday cards from the grandkids were lined up waiting for me. I love their cards!

Deb Hardman made me this wonderful painted and quilted wall hanging for my last birthday. A view of the earth and moon from outer space.

We bought a weeping cherry tree to celebrate all! The grandson's planted it for me.

Installed the bird bath my friend Donna made.

Almost as soon as it was filled with water a blue bird came.

Sunday afternoon and into the evening I indigo dyed wool blocks for my Sun & Moon quilt.
A crescent moon, I like when I get the indigo dye to seep into the edges, like clouds floating across the moon. A pure white moon would be a little boring.

2nd crescent, not quite as good.

I was very happy with this full moon.

I dyed a few star blocks, maybe will be corner squares in the quilt.

And a few "moon phase" filler strips for the quilt.
I also dyed blue yardage for filler strips, on some of the filler strips I'm going to embroider on moon and sun phrases, such as "Love you to the moon and back".

All the blocks so far.


Anonymous said...

So cool the birds like your bird bath. Makes me smile! The photo of all your blocks on clothes line is my favorite! They are so colorful and gorgeous! Truly beautiful! Happy Birthday!:)

Anonymous said...

Love the weather that was great for your birthday! The tree is perfect for your front yard, should be fun looking for it every spring to bloom for you on your birthday...and your blocks, I love them every one! Will be a fun quilt for sure! See you Thursday...Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

So beautiful Kathy? I love the moons & suns

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