Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tribute to my mother

Since my last post 6 or so weeks ago my life has changed as it does for so many with elderly parents. Mine are now in need of help with their daily life, I spend a couple hours or so with them almost every day, finding many blessings in this time. I was fortunate to have wonderful parents and lucky to be able to give my time back to them. (not to say I'm not exhausted and in need of some "me" time but I'm trying to squeeze that in).
My mom was never really a quilter but loved to mend clothes. In the mid 1980's when trapunto quilting became popular using young girls bright thick hair yarn for the stuffing, my mom fell in love with it and made several pieces.
I've been appreciating them all over again, they have my moms quiet, kind spirit and love of flowers and nature in them.
I wanted to share a few with you.

She made quite a few pillows.

And I love this happy sunshine with butterflies.

And don't forget Friday, Earth day and full pink moon. I'm working on a block to add to my moon journal. And the "60" candles on top represents my "earth day birthday".
Hopefully,  I'll see you next Tuesday or Wednesday and share my completed moon block and new quilt design and natural dyeing with you!


Anonymous said...

So thankful for a full moon on Friday....my dil is due in 2 weeks or less, so that would be a great day to have my first grandchild! Any day is really ok with me :) I love the quilts and pillows from your mom, a great tribute to her special spirit. See you next week, looking forward to see how the dying turns out...Deb C

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to your Mother,, Kathy. Her pieces are so pretty! Great that you have these. Your words bring tears to my eyes. Your parents have the legacy of family to be so proud of. Look forward to your next blog. Love,dn

Deb Hardman said...

Sweet pieces. I never realized your mom did any kind of creative sewing!

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