Monday, December 21, 2015

Snowman quilt blocks

I can finally share with you one of my quilt bee Christmas exchange projects I've been working on.
With this bee we all make 6 of the same snowman quilt block, at our party we exchange them and end up with 6 different blocks. This is our second year and planning to do it again next year.
This was my block I made. I saw the idea on Pinterest there was no pattern, I'm not sure who to give credit to. I appliqued on the heads and hats, then hand embroidered in the branches and berries.

Laura made this cute pieced snowman head.
I photographed them on my "snow" tree skirt, they lay a lot flatter.

Joni made this wonderful guy with a paper-pieced tree.

Cathy hand embroidered this guy.
Two of my friends weren't able to exchanged their blocks, next month.

These are the blocks laid (on my carpet) out. I made a few extra for my quilt.
Another couple of years and we'll all have a nice size friendship quilt.
Tonight is my next bee Christmas party with a totally different exchange, I'll share that with you next week.
I hope you have a beautiful Holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Oops....missed this yesterday! The blocks are great!! You must be getting excited to get this quilt finished, it is looking really nice! Our party was great last nite, had a lot of fun! Merry Christmas to you and yours...enjoy your quiet evenings, hope you get lots of stitching time!

Anonymous said...

the previous was from Deb C, forgot to sign it...old age you know :)

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