Monday, December 28, 2015

Quilting through the Holidays

I'm now able to share with you some gifts I made for Christmas for my girlfriends.
This acorn (Crabtree pattern) is a pin cushion with needle keeper on the side. It has a wool cap with hand embroidery.

They fit almost perfectly with my woodland tree.


The needle keeper.


At my other Bee Christmas party we try to have a hand-project to work on during the party.
This year we all brought in wool to share,

and with a pattern from Primitive Gatherings made tree ornaments.
They are so cute, they kind of look like mushrooms.

I did mine with different red wools,

and hung it on my dining room tree. It's decorated with hand made snowmen from girlfriends over the years, the oldest from 1993. Some of the friends have since passed away. The quilt  underneath  is from the late 1800's, hubby surprised me years ago.

From deer on the porch greeting the guests to a herd on the piano and the tree in the living room, I filled the house with woodland critters.  An owl on the dessert tray.

Polar bear in the studio.

Woodland birds finding their way in.

A beautiful deer on the window sill.

I bought this gift for myself, it's an antique tin tile. Old man of the North.
Late 1800's.

I had to share with you our good friend's dog Max all dressed up for Christmas in his Grinch antler.

I don't think he's too excited.

Luckily our skies were clear on Christmas, I captured the moon in our backyard through the tree tops.

This is my take on the Christmas moon, a vintage ornament moon.

Someday my moon journal will be stitched together.
No hurry, there's a lot more moons to record.


Vicki W said...

What great gifts and decorations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your moon quilt how far it is coming. It is very cool and will make great memories. Your pincushion was great! Deb C

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