Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kombucha tea

At our last Herb meeting our speaker spoke on Kombucha tea. I never heard of this and I still don't know enough but here are a few things I learned.
Kombucha tea is a probiotic meaning "for life" containing micro organisms such as bacteria and yeast, giving health benefits to the host, which is you and me. This tea is a living food, which contains acids, enzymes, and vitamins aiding in digestion, boosting energy and strengthening the immune system.
It has been drunk for hundreds (thousands) of years.
The health benefit claims are too numerous to list.

The process to make kombucha tea begins with a starter (like when we use to share sour dough bread starter). It kind of looked like an amoeba. I'm not to sure about this.
Along with sugar, green teas and the starter you brew up the tea.
If your interested there is a YouTube video titled: Kombucha: how to make a 1 gallon batch.

A lot of the members are all ready using this, one brought in kombucha finger jello with raspberries to share. They tasted pretty good.
If any of you drink or know about this please let me know what you think.

I went to a lecture at our art museum, the speaker was Bob Friese, AFID floral designer and coordinator of Nature's Creative Edge, the outdoor floral art exhibit.
The museum brought him and his assistant in to do a Nature-Inspired art demonstration. It was wonderful, the following are a few pieces.

A large glass vase, a few river rocks in the bottom, a interesting branch from a tree and two large tropical flowers.

Bob started with a piece of drift wood and moss, two vases into the floral foam,

a few correctly placed flowers and you have a beautiful arrangement. I wish I took a close up of the green puffy flowers, they are a new variety of carnations! They look so different.

Bob carved this rabbit out of green floral foam and covered it with dried moss. A few fresh flowers and it's ready. Wish it was going on my Easter table.

This was the trunk and roots of a dead bush, he keeps it outside in his landscape on a iron pole, says it beautiful especially with snow on it.

Bob also carved these birds out of foam, covered them with moss and formed branches around them into bird shapes.
Well, that's the fun stuff happening in my life, have a good week.

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Peggy said...

Amazing arrangements -- I just haven't latched onto the kombucha thing -- have tasted it both homemade and commercial. I wish I liked it, maybe I should try again. Figure we get all the probiotics we need from Bubbies sauerkraut!

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