Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter memories in wool

When our grandsons moved to Michigan, I traced each ones foot-print and hand-prints on to a wool tweed fabric planning to make their mom a cozy "moose" quilt for winter. Finally, after 3 years the quilt is almost finished. The hand and feet turned into cute moose heads with black buttons sewed on for eyes and nose,

I cut out wool felt snowflakes to scatter around on the quilt. Three of the snowflakes my friend Mary machine embroidered on the boys names.

Before they moved here they would come to visit wearing these hats and mittens. They had to be on the quilt!

In between all the applique I hand-embroidered in wool snowflakes, couching them down with shimmery thread as I machine quilted the top.
A few more hand stitches on the binding and it's ready for mom.


Anonymous said...

That quilt is turning out great and I am sure Melissa will cherish it forever! How very special!! Deb C

Peggy said...

Kathy, it's absolutely wonderful! She'll be surrounded by sweet memories. Congratulations on a project finished!

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