Friday, February 6, 2015

Family Tree Quilt

I haven't really much new to blog about, I've been hand quilting my natural dyed flower quilt and at work (during slow moments)  I work on embroidering in more family stories on my Family Tree quilt.  

This is one of my favorite blocks, I'll tell you the story.
When my grandmother was widowed in 1947 she lived in an old house on the back of their property. This property was in the middle of nowhere although it had a main road going by, one end of the road was a farm town the other end was a larger town.  She had a little grocery store built near the front of the property with her living space in the back. By 1949 her store was open and ready for business. As a kid growing up we loved the store that meant candy, soda and goodies. Every Christmas my father would go into the woods and chop down a tree to put on the roof of the store. My cousin who was an art teacher would paint the front windows and bring the most wonderful, fancy cookies I ever saw. We spent many Christmas Eves (and holiday's) there. Now that I'm older I realize how heroic my grandmother was, a women in the 1940's, never learning to drive and having  a store built out in the country which she ran and lived in until she died in her 80's.

Another addition to the quilt I embroidered on the tree trunk my husband and my initials like teenagers would carve when they were dating, as we started dating when we were teenagers!

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Anonymous said...

Love your family tree quilt!! Such a treasure to pass down thru your family! Keep up the good work! Deb C

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