Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dandelion Days to celebrate Spring

Sunday I took a little time for myself and warped my loom, the dandelions are ready and calling.  I'm so looking forward to using all the different dye plants in the coming months.

I first wove in a wet wool fabric strip then a row of dandelion blossoms, then another row of  wool.

This is how the first rows look. Yesterday I added more dandelions, and as they wilt I'll keep adding.
It is so peaceful working at the loom.

Last week I also picked dandelions to dye print some wool fabric.

Their so cute, how can you resist.

I rolled them up tight and placed them in a pot with water,

put the lid on tight and steamed them for a good hour. The next morning I placed it in a plastic bag and left them under a heavy pail of water for a week. (checking for mold everyday)

Sunday I washed and hung it out to dry.

The prints are so cute, I love how the little edges show a darker print.

 with Mothers Day flowers.


Dandelion lotion, is next on my list to make. Found on The Nerdy Farm Wife blog, (sorry I couldn't link it). She has a great blog with different recipes for herbal soaps, creams, etc.
This lotion is for dry, chapped skin, dandelions are very, very  healing.
First let the flower set a couple of days on paper towels to get the excess moisture out.
Make sure you pick flowers with no pesticides or fertilizers on them.

Next fill a jar with them and add sunflower oil ( or what ever oil you like)  to cover. You need to infuse the oil with the healing properties of the dandelions. You then can set the jar in a double boiler and simmer for a few hours. I thought I'd try it in a crock pot. (This is as far as I got).
If your not in a hurry you can put the jar in a dark cool place for a week or so to infuse the oil..
Next week I'll show you the rest of the procedure. If your ready sooner check out the Nerdy Farm Wife.

And one more thing don't forget the dandelion greens, they are very nutritious.  You can cook and eat them with a little butter, or just add fresh in a salad.

If you notice my blog pictures are getting grainier and grainier and no it's not my camera. I have blog site problems.
I'm working on getting this fixed.


Anonymous said...

your fabric turned out so nice!!! Your loom is so interesting...you may have an amazing thing with your wool and dyed flowers, cannot to wait and see what it becomes. I had a friend who made dandelion jelly this week...she says it tastes like honey. Amazing things you can do with weeds...Deb C

Peggy said...

Kathy, I LOVE your loom, have been wanting one, too. It looks very well-built, and is going to be beautiful all filled with plant material and cloth -- like a fine piece of art. I can't wait to see how it all goes. You'll be expressing your weaving creativity again, too. Was going to pick dandelion leaves today for dinner but it was too cold out. Still. Happy gardening. xoxo

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