Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quilt Guild with Kim Diehl

Last night at Quilt Guild our guest speaker was Kim Diehl from Utah. She taught classes for 2 days and put on a beautiful trunk show last night of  her quilts.  Kim has written several quilt books and designed several lines of fabric.
The following are a just a few of her own design quilts she showed (patterns are available in her books).

Starting with this beautiful heavily appliqued and pieced quilt.

This is just a simple pieced quilt with great applique boarders that turn it into a great piece .

Her applique designs are beautiful.

A intricate pieced center with applique boarders. Love the corner treatments.

Another applique boarder, wonderful on black fabric.

This quilt was so much fun with the great color choices and applique running all through the blocks.

I never would have picked this background color but wow it is sharp.

I believe this was one of the classes she taught, one way done all in cottons.

and another way done in cotton with wool applique.
I love the use of both fabrics.

Another quilt pieced with cotton fabric and appliqued with wool.

I'm not a big pink person but this is a beautiful "Summer" piece in muted colors.

A little Americana.

More pieced with cotton and appliqued with wool.

This was one of the guild members work. A cute Easter quilt with great paisley fabric boarders. I believe this is a commercial pattern.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathy...these pictures look great!! It was a great nite and Kim was a sweet humble quilter. Enjoyed the evening..Deb C

Peggy said...

Fabulous! I love the cotton backgrounds with wool appliqués -- had never even thought of doing that but why not?! xo

Deb Hardman said...

Great trunk show! I love the churn- dash & the interesting arrangement for the bear paw blocks. nice!

I could see Deb C loving some of those designs too, they reminded me do her. I miss you all!

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