Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quilt Guild meeting

Last night at my quilt guild meeting our guest speaker was Darla Parks. She is well know for her long-arm quilting. Her workmanship is beautiful. She gave us a wonderful show of her quilts.
The following are just a few of them.

This piece she just finished and is ready to enter it into a National show. She pieced the dahlia flower, machine quilted it,

beaded the center,

and what looks like appliqued corner treatments is actually colored pencils! She first outlines the design with the sewing machine, then colors in the design and finishes by painting on a clear medium so the design doesn't fade and is machine washable.

She also teaches classes using this technique.

A few more of her designs.

One of her samples of machine quilting.

She keeps very busy with her machine quilting business.

This is one of her own designs she teaches with many different quilting techniques: 3-D  trumpet flowers, pin tuck piecing, applique and reverse applique etc.

How cute is this table cloth for Spring,

the bunnies with their chenille tails.

Two of my friends (their faces hiding) just finished piecing two "stack and whack" quilt tops. For those who don't know what that is, all the blocks in the quilt were cut and made from one printed piece of fabric. The way you stack the fabric to cut it gives you many different block designs.

This top was pieced and appliqued by Lynn using a month by month kit designed by Pat Holly and her sister Sue Nickels.

This cute quilt was made 50 years ago for a young man by his mother. The quilt was well used with holes throughout. One of our guild members took the old quilt apart saved what dog blocks were good and put it back together using new fabric. When presented back to the owner she said he cried. I love that he understood the love his mother had put into that quilt so many years ago.

Well, it is still freezing cold and the snow is still coming down here, a lot! It looks like Christmas. But I am off to the Michigan Herb Conference!! Yea, a bit of Spring in my life. Hopefully I have some great pictures and ideas for your gardens next week.

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Anonymous said...

That machine quilting is beyond amazing!! What talent Darla has been blessed with! Bring some spring back with you please from your conference. Deb C.

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