Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Herb Conference

Last weekend it looked like Spring and I was in Heaven!! As we walked into the conference we were greeted with lots and lots of green.

Plants for sale,

many different Artemisia (2014 herb of the year), some edible like tarragon and some for beauty in your garden and for drying for wreaths and crafts. Also, some special Artemisia are used by Native Americans for smudging (purifying themselves and their surroundings).

One of my favorite vendors with herbal topiaries was there,

another with hypertufa planters and garden accents.

This was a new vendor selling her handcrafted jewelry made from organic, rare heirloom seeds.

A lot of different styles,

using lots of different seeds.


Another vendor selling spices, teas and gifts from around the world. These small animal print containers were made out of animal hoofs from a small co-op in Africa.

She also sold these lamps made from chunks of  Himalayan crystal  salt.

Along with great lectures were a lot of educational displays. This one about having an herbal spa day.

With lots of good recipes for making your own natural spa cleansers, creams etc.


A medicinal display for colds and flu.

This is the recipe, I'm not sure you can read it, I'll write it out next week, also with a herbal body oil for dry skin I'm making as we speak. I learned so much this year about flowers and herbs and their chemical make up for medicinal use. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing some with you.

This display was on Heirloom seeds.

One on different teas and their medicinal qualities.


And my favorite two attendees who always make some wonderful wool accessories for the conference.

This year was this wonderful felted wool poppy purse with buds hanging on the side. They also made a matching wool poppy pin for their sweaters.

This was cute a long wooden crate filled with different lettuces.

A new type of herb garden container made for herbs instead of the usual strawberry pot with too small of openings.

This was a beautiful woven watering can filled with herbs.

I love these vintage spoons made into herb garden markers. This is a project will be on my hubby's project list for this summer.

At our banquet for centerpieces they had these pretty lanterns surrounded by different Artemisia.

OK my favorite attendees again, while we were all at the banquet they stayed in their hotel room and made theses cute yo-yo necklaces. I wouldn't wanted to miss the banquet but I would have liked to have been there!

I hope your didn't get tired of all my pictures, I edited them way down, there is just so much going on at the conference this is just a small sample. Someday maybe you will be able to attend too, there's lots of room and everyone's welcome.

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Peggy said...

Hi Kathy, this was fabulous! What a great conference -- who sponsors it? I love seeing all the ideas and might snitch a few for our (Herb Society of America) annual herb sale in May. I make that same vinegar -- call it fire cider -- it's wonderful. Look forward to more posts about herbs and what all you make and oh those two ladies -- quirky and fun. Thank you, thank you, I'm leaving here pretty happy. xoxo

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