Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunday afternoon I finally had a few hours to myself.  I've been wanting to design a wall hanging featuring the Sun and the Moon and now I had the time and was inspired to go. After all my designs were vetoed for not being accurate, hubby saying  "the moon is not behind the sun".  But hubby I say, "I love the look of a crescent moon" with the Sun".

Finally, after many designs and much erasing I come up with this accurate, approved design of the Full Moon passing over the Sun. The piece will be approx. 26"x34".

This coming weekend I'm keeping a whole day for myself in the studio dyeing wool for the project.
Indigo for the sky. Lots of oranges, reds and yellows for the Sun.
  I will be purchasing  silk for a iridescent Moon.
I am so excited to start working on it.

(So here it is Peggy my Moon/Sun quilt for 2014)

I saw these cute little rabbit tracks in our back yard, they come in from the woods, under the fence and to the middle of our back yard,

Then abruptly end! I don't know if that's too good.

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Peggy said...

Oh Kathy, this is going to be SOMETHING!!! I'm excited for you... XOXO

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