Monday, February 17, 2014

Full Valentine Moon

This side of Lake Michigan most of our winter nights and days are cloudy, it was so nice to see the full moon on Valentines night.  I can't remember the last time I saw a full moon. After photographing it I made my own.

I couldn't resist making my moon heart shape. With a little bit of natural dyed wool I appliqued on the heart, layer it with batting and hand-quilted with iridescent thread.

Someday to be sewed with my Earth/Moon blocks.

The next day I lit a fire in the studio and went to work on dyeing some wool with indigo. I began by crushing up the indigo.

Mixed it in the solution and kept it warm on my stove.

My husband hung a clothes line near the studio so I wouldn't have to tromp through the 20 some inches of snow we have. I began by dyeing pieces for my Sun/Moon quilt.

Next I pulled out all my yellow and not so great pieces I had previously dyed and over dyed them all.

Everything froze a couple minutes after it was hung up.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful valentines moon!! And I love, love, love the indigos!! That is my favorite color blue for sure!! Beautiful on the clothesline. Perks up the snow out there! Deb C

Peggy said...

Kathy, this is so wonderful. I love your heart moon! And the indigo cloths are gorgeous, the greens and blues hanging together is so pretty. It's freezing cold alright! xo

  • Deb Hardman
  • Allie Aller
  • Jenny Bowker Cairo