Monday, December 23, 2013

Orginal Silver Tree - 1962

I saw this cute snowman idea on a TV show, it wasn't talked about but was in the background picture. It's a snowman made with old bike parts. Perfect to hang on our garage for the winter. This turned out to be a group project with all the guys contributing "parts" to it. Fist I spray painted white two old bike tires and rims, with Chevy orange spray paint the snowman had a nose. My husband zip tied the body parts together.


Jason cut out a hat from old sheet metal and painted it black.

We added wire arms and old work gloves stuffed with plastic bags. The only thing I bought were the LED lights, We hung this on the front of our building.

Last night our son had us over to his house for a holiday gathering, We brought my parents, imagine their surprise when their old silver tree from 1962 was up, complete with the rotating colored light.

We've had it in our attic for years and years and he dug it out and put it up. It was in its original box with the original wrappers for the branches.

A lot of fun, nostalgia memories were recalled last night.

And speaking of vintage, I found this cute vintage dotted swiss apron,

complete with little rick-rack music pattern.

I hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Season. See you next week!


Peggy said...

What a great surprise for your parents! Love that tree. And the funky snowman, too. Happy Christmas, Kathy! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your snowman on the shop!! So cute and very appropriate. The silver tree brings back so many memories for me, my grandparents had this very tree in their house in the 60's, so fun to see it again. Hope you all had a great Christmas and special memories made again! See you soon. Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

Very cute snowman!

That silver tree is just like the one they always had in the Jolman School library during the holidays. I found the changing colors mesmerizing.

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