Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas gatherings

This Christmas Eve like most of the Northeast we were loaded, loaded with snow, it is beautiful! Luckily our power was still on (thousands in Michigan didn't), with 18 coming we needed electricity.

The lights under the snow looked magical.

This wasn't planned but my grandson was dressed like his picture he drew of the Grinch.

Also, "Grinch" fruit sticks were on the menu.

On a toothpick you put a green grape (Grinch's face), then a thin slice of banana (hat fur), strawberry for the hat with a mini-marshmallow for the tassel..
This idea came from Pinterest.

My grandson also made his own grape/marshmallow man.

On the buffet table this year I made "hot chocolate" cupcakes.
I believe this came from the Better Homes and Gardens website.
The Santa hot cocoa pitcher is from 1960, I also have 4 Santa mugs with the set. They were filled with small candy canes.

Homemade buttermilk chocolate cake with vanilla frosting swirled to look like whip cream on top of the "cocoa cup". A candy cane handle for the cup.
Edible clear glitter made the frosting sparkle and peppermint marshmallows topped it off.
I also made cream de menth brownies but they didn't make the picture.

Christmas day I put the lamb and pork loin (I had 10 for Christmas) in the oven and off we went on a hike through our back woods.

How refreshing to get out of the house.

The boys love the snow. Here they are with their big brother.

The creeks deep enough it never really freezes over.

Everything was beautiful.

A few little red berries left on an ice coated branch.


Anonymous said...

The snow really made it look like postcards this year! I cannot remember a Christmas like this for many years, and I loved it! I am itching to get outside myself. See you soon...Deb C

Peggy said...

Hi Kathy, I thought of you when I heard about the power outage in Michigan -- so glad it stayed on. Love the Grinch theme! And beautiful snowy photos, a magical combination, lights & snow. It's been too warm here the last few days but tomorrow we might get a little white stuff. I hope so. xo

Deb Hardman said...

You always come up with such cute ideas.

The house looks beautiful. I think you have more snow than we do!

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