Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

My first rust dyeing project turned out perfect for my Summer Solstice block. A little hand quilting and beading and it's ready for the quilt.
And we are celebrating summer here, it's been in the 90's and very humid. A little too hot and humid.

  "Legend has it that herbs harvested during summer solstice have special powers for healing and protection. It was thought to be a magical night and you would be able to see fairies and elves if you picked fern spores at the stroke of midnight. Herbs associated with midsummer traditions are chamomile, cinquefoil, elder, fennel, roses, mugwort, rue and St. John's Wort."  Susan Betz "Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles".

 I played around with the different gears I had,I can see where this can be very addicting. Now I find myself walking around the garage looking for different rusty parts!

 As I was weeding my dye garden I pulled up some small madder roots (they really need to be a lot fatter), but I was anxious to try them out.

 I cut a small strip of wool and popped it into the dye pot. The fabric turned a beautiful peachy-pink.

They say you can get a pale pink with the tops. I chopped them up and simmered it, the color looked like a muddy gold.

I added a few correopsis tinctoria to the pot, this little flower has so much dye packed in it.
 Simmered it awhile.

Pulled out a pretty piece of peachy-gold with orange spots fabric.
 Our family was adopted by a kitty. The boys love her, all the kids in the neighborhood love her. The cat thinks she's a kid and stays with them all day long.

What can you say?


Anonymous said...

Oh Grandma, who wouldnt fall in love with that kitty? Love how your rusty things are turning out! We did not go south this week due to the heat and humidity. Will keep looking...
Deb C.

Deb H said...

Awww, the kitty is so cute!

I love your rust dyes, & solstice block. It doesn't seem possible that winter is coming back again so soon!

  • Deb Hardman
  • Allie Aller
  • Jenny Bowker Cairo