Monday, June 4, 2012

Strawberry Moon

 Oh my gosh, I'm beginning to sound like a broken record "it's the full moon again". I barely finished the last "flower" full moon and here we are again. 
This month the Eastern Native Americans called this Moon the Strawberry Moon as the berries were ripe and ready to eat, it is one of the first fruits to ripen in the summer. . This moon was very important to the Native people, they believed the strawberry was a sacred gift from the Creator. They use this fruit to symbolized his generosity in their ceremonies. All parts of the plant were used. There is so, so much information on this moon I could go on and on. Probably more than you want to know.
When I go to different Native ceremonies in the early summer they always have a big bowl of strawberries for everyone to share.
My strawberry (not sewn, just cut out and laid on the fabric) is made from some of my cochineal dyed wool with the stem from some of my natural dyed green wool. I will be stitching on it tonight along with another strawberry moon project for my friend.

 I unrolled and washed my wool from our camping trip. Not a whole lot of extra color flowing out of the leaves yet. Better to wait until August when the leaves are tough and bursting with color!
 A few cute oak leaves came through.

I expected more from the alder leaves.
 The beech nut will be over dyed in madder root at the end of the summer.

 My dear friend Deb held a contest on her blog to see who could guess the closest date to when the snow in her yard would finally be gone. I tied with Vicki. Deb made us each a pin which is a little work of art. I love the silk "stones" and square beads. the whole pin is beautiful. Thank you Deb, I'll be wearing it to quilt guild meeting tonight.

I just received this from my niece in the Navy. When they were in port in  Bahrain she bought me this little hand-hooked mat. It is so cute, the grandsons love the camel. I have such a wonderful collection of textiles from around the world.


Deb H said...

How big is the camel textile? Others totl..

Glad you like the pin

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

around 12-14 inches

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