Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tempting Tables

Tempting Tables is a grassroots volunteer organization that showcases exquisite, elaborate and creative tablescapes as well as unique personal collections. All proceeds from the ticket sales go directly to breast cancer research. Even the 400+ volunteers pay to see the exhibit. Every year the exhibit becomes more and more over the top, instead of just tablescapes the tables are now set in complete scenes. I wish I could have posted them all, there were 33 total. My pictures don't do them justice, my camera was in the process of taking a big dump (I have since bought a new one) and there we're so many people there it was hard to get great pictures. Double click on the pictures to see the detail.

This first table is Irish Eyes are Smiling, complete with a little tree stump centerpiece, Irish china and glassware.

Venetian Carnival. The gondola was built buy the designers husband, the desginer painted the background bridge and water scenery. A wonderful table setting on a velvet tablecloth with her hand painted masks.

Good Morning, Red Rooster. This complete room setting even included the old cupboard, bales of straw on one side of the table for seats and a old sewing machine with a thirty's quilt waiting to be sewed.

The old cupboard in this farm kitchen.

The Twelve Days of Christmas, the large cards behind the plates were painted by one of the designers.

Beachy Christmas. I love the wooden arbor built around the table, I want one built in my own backyard complete with the grapevines, little lights and hanging jars with candles in them.
What a beautiful way to decorate for the holidays if you live near the sea side.

I believe this was called A Very Special Dinner For Two. Tucked in the trees was a beautiful table set for two, my favorite place to eat, outside!

The Mystic Canopy of Light.

Forever Best Friends. This table is the story of 4 girls who were best friends all their life and had their weddings together. This was their wedding table, beautiful with all it's silk, tulle, lights and flowers.
I'm not sure if this is a true story but it sounded good.

Close up, there are gold fish swimming in the glass tube holding up the centerpiece.

Into the woods, I love this one (also!), with its birch bark tree running through the table, twig chairs, field stone with moss tucked between on the ground.

Birch bark cushions and beautiful red roses.

Alice In Wonderland. The designers were our local garden club. the table cloth they made with antique pieces of fabric. There was a beautifully painted back drop.
This picture is a little fuzzy, camera was really getting bad.

The Mad hatter, white rabbit and Queen of Hearts we're there.

And of course Alice, whose eyes seemed to follow you everywhere.

More guests at the party.

Green and Red Gingerbread. What child wouldn't love to have this play house.

Complete with wonderful cushions on the chairs with matching window valances and table cloth.

The Cornfetti Table. How cute for fall with a scarecrow sleeping under the table.

The Art of Dining.

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