Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween purse

I found this wonderful Alexander Henry fabric called The Ghastlies, I knew right away I wanted to make it into a purse for October/Halloween.

I love the three knitters on this piece.

I fussy cut out my favorite pictures.

Laid them out on batting with the purse design sketched in.

After figuring out the placement I took them off, spray basted a piece of gray (tweed) print fabric from Kaffee Fassett placing it on the batting, then spray basted the Halloween fabric and placed it on the gray tweed. Machine quilted around the figures and patches then stitched the purse together. I finished the edges with black binding.

My finished purse, the front.

And the back. Ready for October.

I also finished another lattice strip for my family tree quilt, this will be sewed on next to my mom's childhood home block. I have learned sooo many family stories while making this quilt. I knew my grandparents loved farming but didn't realize they raised chickens in their back yard while living in town. After the children were grown they bought a big beautiful farm out in the country, they were quite old to start over farming.

OK, if your sick of seeing my grand kids you might want to stop reading this blog now.

We have been having so much fun showing them "Michigan in Fall".

Last weekend we took them to a big farm in the country on a wonderful hayride with horses.

Of course you had to have homemade cinnamon & sugar donuts to eat on the ride.

Over the river and through the woods and at the end of the hayride there was a huge field full of pumpkins that you could choose from and pick your own.

A picture with their cousin. This reminds me of the movie Charlie Brown's Hallowen with Linus in the pumpking patch.

Pulling our treasures with grandpa back to the wagon for the ride back.

They also had a apple orchard. We picked a big bag to use for making apple pies.

Back home the leaves are just beginning to fall, the kids couldn't wait to rake and jump in the pile.

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Deb H said...

It's so funny, I bought some of that same fabric! It was too cute!

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