Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New projects

On to my other grandsons Christmas quilt, last weekend I cut out the next one. Here is a little of what it's going to look like. Nothings pieced, the peppermint pinwheels will have nice points when finished and the quilt will be full size.

I love this Santa fabic with the Arican print fur on his hat and socks. It celebrates my grandsons African heritage.

And the beautiful reindeer fabric for the boarders.

I also cut out my next block for the "family tree" quilt. My husband and I have owned for the past 25 years a truck and automotive service center. The building has 8 large garage doors but I drafted up just a small portion of the building to represent it.

This is the beginning.

I've been enjoying hand sewing the first sections together of my new wool project. I love how all the natural dyed colors go together.

I bought this wool thread/floss when I attended a lecture by http://suespargo.blogspot.com last fall. It's by Genziana and works wonderful with this project.


Deb H said...

Wool floss? It look yummy! Perfect colors with all of your natural dyes!

Deb H said...

Oh & the garage looks just like the real thing!Perect!

Cool Santas! Perfect for your boys!

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