Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

My friend Judy's quilt top using the Lil Twister pattern. I love the updated colors of the reproduction 50's fabrics.

Years ago while at a garage sale I bought this package of old Valentine day cards. The post marks on the envelopes were from the 1920's. I have them on display on my piano for the holiday.

Some of my favorites.

This is a cute hand-made one. The verse inside reads:

Happy will you live,
Happy will you be,
With twenty little kids,
Sitting on each knee.

I hope this was a joke and not the real way of thinking for women in the 20's.

The styles are all so different.

And the "ultimate" Valentine that fold out with red "honey comb".

And a few more styles.

I hope you have a Wonderful Valentines Day, I'll be celebrating with my husband eating chocolate mousse and watching the movie Chocolat, you can not watch that movie without eating good chocolate!

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Deb H said...

I love the vintage valentine's.

I miss being able to visit you! You are always so inspiring!I need you to kick me in gear!

  • Deb Hardman
  • Allie Aller
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