Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We had a wonderful snowy weekend, just a light nice snow perfect for a taking a ride to the lake. What a different look with all the snow fences and ice but still beautiful with the light house.

A little too cloudy for a bright sunset, but very inspirational for another block for my "earth quilt" .

So back home I went, dug out some of my natural indigo dyed wool challis (I think that's what its called), cut a piece out for background, thinking I can position the white tie-dye spot to be the new moon in the sky. I cut a green tree out, then some snowy lace fabric to stitch over it, and some for the snow on the ground. I added mohair snowflakes in the air. I'm loving doing these little pieces, nothing better than curling up by the fire and doing hand work.

And this is the next block to add to my quilt. Under the snow and tree fabric I added some Angelina fibers for extra sparkle.

I also played around with natural dying wool and silk using pomegranates (good idea Deb).

Cut them open, some slices have great patterns.

Bundled them up tight and steamed them about 1 hour.

Left them for about 4 days then opened to reveal the print. On the wool, the seeds left a great purple print with yellow rind print around.

The silk was more subtle but beautiful.
In between this and work I'm still working on redoing all our family photos, that is going slow but steady. I know someday when I'm finished I will be happy but not feeling it yet.


Deb H said...

I think yours turned out better than mine. I think oened i up too soon, but was afraid of molding!

I love the tree & snow block! I'm glad you are getting good us from your feting needles!

Deb H said...

OK, I swear those typos were not there when I hit publish!

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