Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter quilts

A few years ago I dyed (chemical dye) this fabric, to me it took on a frosty winter look. I pieced it with a "frosted window" in mind. Not knowing how to quilt it I sent it to the expert Deb http://akquilter1.blogspot.com in Alaska to quilt it for me. I wanted it to look like your looking through frosted windows. I received it back before Christmas and was blown away by the quilting.
It was snowing so beautifully yesterday I photographed it on our porch by my winter greens.

Here's a better picture in doors with out all the extra snowflakes on it.

A close up of the middle with a beautiful winter tree, icy grasses behind it and ice crystals along the edge of the window. And how she thought of the "rays" on the ground I don't know but I love it.

And look at her boarder design and corner square.

The sides with her hand designed snowflakes and swirling snow designs.
Thank you Deb, your the best!

Ok, back to my humble quilting. This is the next block for my "earth" quilt. This is my "winter solstice" block showing the different phases of the lunar eclipse that occured that night. The moon fabric I block-printed on black sheer fabric with a antique wood block and Shiva sticks when I was in Alaska a few years ago.

This was a block I did Halloween night, there was a sliver of a moon and mine had these two wonderful black cats dancing under it. Their from a great piece of vintage Halloween fabric, they're all I have of it (long story why I didn't take the whole piece, I could still kick myself!)

This is how my quilt is progressing (pinned to a wall in my studio). When I started it I really didn't know what I was going to record but as the seasons came and being such a sky watcher it seems I'm recording a lot of different moons and one fiery sun for Summer Solstice. I'm sure I would be recording a lot more if there wasn't sooo much cloud cover on this side of Lake Michigan. The blank spots will be pieced blocks.

Back in November when I was with my girlfriends on our quilt retreat I pieced a large quilt using this fabric (shown on my November blog). All the tiny left over scraps I bagged up and gave to Mary for her own use. A few weeks ago she presented this to me, she took my scraps and made this cute little miniature of my large quilt for me. Miniature quilts are so precious, thank you Mary, I love it.

My New Year resolution this year was to get all our family photos in order and in archival albums. New years day I hauled them all out and started. It was fun for the first hour or two but the fun has run out and I have a long way to go. This is what my living room looks like and I hate things out of place.

Another photo on the other side of the couch. Hopefully by the end of the month this will be done.


Vicki W said...

That Frosted Window quilt is spectacular!

Deb H said...

I should be doing the sam with the pictures,but haven't got the inclination to do them. Maybe when I retire in 10 yrs!

I'm glad you are happy with the quilting.I'm neve quite satisfyed with what I've done.

I love your Celestal quilt pieces.
So cute!

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