Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow dying II

We had a beautiful snowfall over the weekend, my husband and I took a walk through our state park where we take the grand kids camping every summer. The snow gave the park a magical look, it was quiet and peaceful, nothing like in the summer when it's full of life with campers.

Having grown up with a creek in our backyard and one in the woods behind our house, it's one of my favorite places to walk. We followed this creek as far as we could.

The hillside was heavy with snow.

I took a picture of the little grandsons by this grouping of 3 small spruce growing up next to the elder tree last summer. With all this snow inspiration I had to go home and snow dye once again.

This time I didn't use as many colors on each piece, the first was black cherry with eggplant. The second was eggplant with orange, which gave brown tones when the colors mixed.
And the third was my dye rag that in the end I shoved it in a cup and poured the left over bright orange and black cherry dyes on it.

All of the snow dyed fabrics from the two dying sessions . Even though these were done with synthetic dyes it's Mother Nature who performs the magic.

We visited our friends, Lou who has Native American in his heritage is a wonderful beader and spends many hours on the craft. Theses are a few of his pieces. This top picture is a walking stick with a hand carved eagle head (from a deer antler) at the top.

Laying on this table are an assortment of dance sticks and drum sticks he's beaded.

This is his work table with a staff in progress. I like how his wife sewed a covering with pockets along the sides.

A few other walking sticks tucked in the corner.

These dolls were made by a Native American lady, representing the four seasons. The workmanship is beautiful with a miniature shield, Indian corn, and baby.

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Deb H said...

Wow Kathy! Thepictures are all great!

That 2nd picture at Hffmaster reminds me of Cynthia England's "Piece&Quiet" quilt.

The snow dyes are Sooooo pretty!

Amazing bead works & carvings. I love the 4 seasons piece too!

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