Monday, October 5, 2009

Row by Row Quilt

One of the quilt bees I belong to are having a "row by row" quilt exchange this year. We started by making our own first row. We then met and exchanged them. Next Sept. we will get our own back with an additional 5 rows and lattice strips added from each bee member.

I have been collecting Halloween fabrics for years always planning on making myself a quilt. This was the perfect time to finally get my "ultimate" Halloween quilt made. This is my row I passed on with a lot of other fabrics they can use. We exchange rows every 2 months. You won't see yours until next Sept. A close up of a great fabric by Alexander Henry.

An old traditional piecing pattern called spider web, I embroidered in the spider.

Laura with a snowman themed row.

Close up.

Joni's row by row, goes with her living room.

Close up.

Cathy's black and white with a spark of tropical color.

Close up.

Jody's row by row, goes in her living room.

Close up.

Jamie's row by row with Christmas theme fabrics.

Close up.

My husband and I are leaving for Florida to babysit our grandsons for a week. Living in Michigan it is peak apple, squash and pumpkin time. I went to the farmers market today and stocked up on the produce to bring to the kids. I also finished the little ones "sports" quilts and have them packed in the car. By the time I finish packing I hope hubby and I will fit in.


MELISSA said...

the boys are waiting for their sunshine and john to come and decorate for halloween. by the way i want the halloween quilt. i got first dibs!!!!

Deb H said...

THey are all so different, they look like they would be fun to work on!

Have fun with the kids!

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