Friday, October 23, 2009

Home from Florida

We've been back home from Florid for about a week, I've been so busy at work (where I do all my blogging) I haven't had time to blog! I guess that's a good problem to have.

I did finish all their new full size "sports " quilts, I did the hand work on the bindings while on the ride down and finished the last one while they were in school. Here they are with their new quilts, big brothers I made a couple of years ago is on his bed. Hopefully I have everyone set until they graduate from high school!

As soon as mom and dad left on their vacation we got out all of the Halloween decorations. The quilt on the left is a wall hanging I made for them a couple of years ago but the twin thinks it's his bed quilt and sleeps with it every night. Their watching TV as I took the picture.

The littlest one loved this Halloween kitty.

We went to visit all the neighbors decorations. Big brother played football with the neighbors, he's growing up.

The littlest one didn't quite understand this scarecrow.

It was 94 degrees when we got there and very high humidity we spent a lot of time in the pool. The youngest loved the shop vac and was so funny vacuuming with his swimming gear on. He is such a character, he could have his own cartoon show.

Very seldom am I awake at sunrise but on the ride home we start early. This was a beautiful sunrise over a farmers field with hundreds of wind turbines.

Earlier in the summer I dyed with this bright red hibiscus flower and wanted to share the pictures with you. I picked a bag full of the blossoms discarding any green parts.

Simmered them in a pot of water until the petals turned clear, you could see all the color came out of them and the water became like jello. Added my fabric and let it simmer an hour, left it cool overnight. The fabric was purple when I took it out, I tried to keep it but as it hit the air and I washed it, it turned a gray shade. Half of the fabrics I did a after rinse with a little vinegar which made it a truer gray and the other half a added a little ammonia to the rinse water and got this beautiful green.

This picture does not do the color any justice, they are different dark greens from different batches of the flowers.

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Deb H said...

Looks like you had a great time. The kids are so darn CUTE!

I love the colors you got from the Hibiscus. Thay're beautiful!

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