Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Native Mass at the Cathedral

Last weekend my husband and I went to Detroit for a special Mass at the Catholic Cathedral, it is so beautiful. Every year they celebrate the Feast of Kateri Tekakwitha. She was a Native American born in 1656 and was baptized April 18, 1676 into the Catholic faith. She was persecuted by her people for her christian beliefs. She died April 17, 1680 and many miracles have been associated with her. She has been declared Blessed by Pope John Paul and hopefully soon will be declared a saint. We arrived early and I photographed the alter floor with its inlaid tile. Wouldn't this be a beautiful quilt?Some of the other areas, what great inspiration.

They had a lot of beautiful stained glass windows. I love the old churches.

Their pipe organ in front of the stained glass.

My husband on the drum, they sat on the alter for the mass and played the music.
This is a native lady's bead work on the back of her poncho. She's an amazing women and a wonderful Christian. When she was 7 she died, (she had polio in her lungs), while the Dr. worked on her, she had this vision. This bead work was her vision. I can't remember all the story but the top cross is for Jesus, the bottom heart is the Native American heart and the bluebird is for happiness, (there's a lot more to the story). Anyway, she was brought back to life and ever since has had visions.

The procession to the alter.

Some of the local young people with their traditional Mayan outfits. I thought they had beautiful applique but I believe the designs were painted on.


Melodie said...

At first look I thought the 1st photo was a quilt!! What beautiful designs! The traditional dress is lovely too.
Do you have Native American blood in your family? I remember allot of the Indian education from when Marcy (my youngest) was in the scouts with John.

Gaia Quilter said...

Hi Mel, John's greatgrandmother was full blood Native American. He has a "pull" toward the native side of his heritage.

Deb H said...

Oh it was a beautiful church. How inspiring!

Hey, why doesn't John ask for a native healing?

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