Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We're home from camping, had a wonderful week with the kids. This is my grandson posing for a Fourth of July picture. The quilt he is sitting on I made with my collection of patriotic fabrics. It's a crazy quilt flag for my table.This vase is a Mountain Dew bottle special for the Fourth. I believe it aluminum but doesn't seem to have a paper coating. I thought it was so cute for a vase.
This picture I took while we were out camping, as it is so hard to get a good picture of all four boys together I was very happy with this one. One shot thats all the time they gave me before they ran to play.
The boys have been playing on the Native drum when they come home since they were about 4 months. This was last nights "drum practice". The littlest one was so excited he bounced up and down and beat the drum until he had a blister on his hand. Notice the short drum stick Grandpa has, he made all the kids their own little sticks and they all want to use the long adult sticks. The kids have a few more days here before their father flys up and drives them back home. We're leaving tomorrow for Manistee to camp a couple days at a Native American pow wow. I'm going to check out the beads, maybe next week I can get back to quilting!

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Deb H said...

This is so weird. I swear I looked here on the 4th, because I figured you would post something, & nothing was there! But now you have & post & it says it was posted on the 3rd!

Anyhow, the kids are so cute! It's wonderful that you are spending so much time seeing them growing up.

I love the shot of them drumming!

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