Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A little more of Puerto Rico

This is our son's "toy" it's a 1968 Ford Bronco. He has it all set up for off road driving. We went two tracking" at this local beach.This is another local's beach (no tourists), it had a wonderful natural rock cove great for snorkeling.
This is a view from the top off the rocks.
Our son grilled our lunch on the beach. It was so much fun, the other people there had their Carribean music playing. Even though Puerto Rico is a United State territory I felt like I was in a foreign country, all the time. It was wonderful.

We took a local ferry ride (1 1/2 hrs.)to another island Calybra. It has beautiful turquoise water with a coral reef to snorkel around. Theres also a campground right along the beach that we're going to camp on next time. They rent out Jeeps to drive around the island.
Different parts of the island from the ferry.

Back in Puerto Rico we went to a Japanese garden. It looked like rain but it never came.

I loved this bonsi growing on a rock.
They had about 20 of bonsi, these were a couple of my favorite.
This was the view from in the gardens, a beautiful villa.


Deb H said...

OK, now I want to go there. We do have an RCI resort East of San Juan...hmmmm

Melodie said...

It sure is a beautiful place! It's nice to know someone in a far away place that knows the 'back roads' of the area. It's so much nicer then seeing just the tourist traps!

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