Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wool quilt block

This is the next block for my "family tree" quilt. This is a picture of my grandmother's grocery store at Christmas (I should have squared it up before I took the picture). My dad would cut down a tree and put it on the roof with lights. My cousin, who was a art teacher, would paint the front windows with Christmas scenes, I needled felted in wreaths. Also, the snow on the trees and smoke are needle felted. I'll embroider in all the family information in the front yard with dark gray thread. Next, is my husbands childhood home.
My good friend Deb in Alaska sends the most wonderful cards that are little quilt works of art. I try to reciprocate when I can. I needle felted this card for her for Christmas using a wonderful white yarn on my indigo dyed wool and embellished it with wool fabric and beads.

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Deb H said...

& the snoeman is still setting in my living room, too cute to put away!

Your Grandma's store block is so cute. It looks a lot like my grandpa's store that was in the Heights.

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