Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Needle felting

My girlfriends wanted to learn needle felting, so I had them all over and we had a lot of fun playing around with it. This is Joni, making her new granddaughter a Valentine gift, she is going to embroider around the heart and frame it.
Laura's husbands birthday is Valentines day, she is needle felting him a card and also is making her 2 yr. old granddaughter a scarf with hearts needle felted on it.
Jody, is making a polar fleese scarf for her 2 yr. old granddaughter with a snowman needle felted on it.
Cathy and Jamie played around making a snowman on wool, they still have to add the embellishments.


March said...


Deb H said...

It looks like fun! Wish I could've been there. Joni looks great, so does everyone else. It's funny to think of us all as Grandmas now. Especially Jody. I still think of her as the cute, sweet & funny cheerleader that sometimes got mixed up.

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