Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Fun

The plants are calling me, it's dyeing time.
I laid out a length of raw silk, wool and a piece of cotton, picked leaves off my purple basil plant, laid them on the fabrics, rolled them up tightly, and steamed them for a couple hours.

I also did them same with red blanket flowers in cotton.

Rolled up in my steamer.

Lid on very tightly, steamed on my antique stove. Left them overnight before opening the pot.

The next day, this is the purple basil dyed fabrics. From left to right wool, silk and cotton.
They say purple basil is a wonderful plant to dye with, it will stick to the inside of the pot, the stir stick but not to the fabric. I solved that by rolling it up into the fabric.
These fabrics have been washed.

The cotton fabric from the blanket flowers.
I love dyeing wool fabric but I'm challenging myself to also use cotton fabric this year. It's a bit more difficult to grab the dye.

Quilt bee last night, a picnic on a deck overlooking Lake Michigan.
Joni with her fun patriotic table runner.

Cathy O. with her beautiful finished quilt.

My Herb Society meeting Tuesday night was held at this restored Dr.'s office from the early 1900's.

A new medicinal herb garden has been planted.

And my favorite part Dr. Hobson's vegetable prescription for "Diseases and Weaknesses of women". For Irregular and Painful Menstruation, Excessive and Scanty Menstrual Flow. Etc.
Price $1.00
And when the Dr. died in his wife (who was not a Dr.) took over his practice!

Off we went to another herb garden and picnic, this was their fence out back, with wine corks along the top!


quilting Deb said...

I love the wool amazing how differently the wool, silk and cotton take the dye. I never realized how different it was. Enjoy this heat Kathy, I am praying for weather in the 60's to come very soon!! Sorry, I am really getting tired of this heat!! See you soon! Deb

Deb Hardman said...

Fabulous fabrics. The basil must have Ellen good too! The colors are beautiful .

I miss you all! It's nice to see Joni & Cathy with their quilts.

Your herb club meetings look like fun

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