Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A little bit of Lake Michigan woven into the loom

I spent a beautiful day at the beach with the grandkids,

it's a feast for all the senses.

On our beach walk the kids found this small piece of drift wood to add into the loom.

I first added 3 rows of cream wool to represent the beach sand.

Next came the water. Three rows of indigo blue and the drift wood, one collected by the grandkids and two from my girlfriend Deb C. (thank you all!)

The next body of water to be woven in will be part of the Mississippi (after our visit).
And the final large body of water will be the Pacific Ocean, using driftwood my girlfriend sent me from Alaska.


Anonymous said...

The beach looks great! It is so nice we live so close to Lake Michigan to enjoy the sun, water and sand. The weaving is turning out soooooooooo very nice!! Love how the driftwood is incorportated into it! It is turning out great. Next time we meet I will go out and look closer. Very cool! See you soon...enjoy our great summer days, they are going so quickly! Deb C

Anonymous said...

The loom is gorgeous! Loved the lake pictures. Looking forward to you adding Mississippi River to the loom.

Anonymous said...

Is representation of the Mississippi going to be brown? Haha! Love the adding of all the different elements. So pretty,Kathy! Love the picture of the boys! They r getting so tall! They just grow up so fast! Love,dn

Peggy said...

Oh Kathy, I still love your garden loom as much as ever! The weaving is SO beautiful. Sounds like a full wonderful summer for you! xoxoxo

Deb Hardman said...

The weaving is beautiful. I did a little weaving today. I made a little basket out of bits of scraps let over from Michelle's friend, Debbie's clothes. Left overs from the 2 quilts I made for her girls. I wanted to make sometihing for Michelle to. I really miss you!

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