Monday, June 20, 2016

Herb and Flower Gardening

We've lived in our neighborhood for 40 years now, when we moved in we were the young couple with babies. Now were the old couple with grandkids. One of our original neighbors still live next to us. Another very elderly neighbor (Marge, in her late 90's now), who was a wonderful friend is  living in a nursing home. Her children are getting ready to sell her home and contents. This big iron caldron was Marges' mothers'.  Her mother used it to make soap and do her laundry in. It's well over 100 years old. A couple of weeks ago her grandson asked if I wanted to buy it. Absolutely, I did! I love it and it's history.
Now, the rest of this story, Marge's great-grand daughter is my little neighbor girl that always comes over to gather herbs, make creams, weave and natural dye with me. I told her this caldron belongs to her and told her it's history. I also told her when she owns her own home come back and I will give it to her. She was so happy.
(There are reasons why I have it now and not her but we won't go into other family dramas).
I now have it filled with different types of basil.

Setting next to my herb garden.

I found this flower at a greenhouse, it's Safflower. It can be used to dye cloth a red or yellow color. I've been picking the "petals" and drying them hoping I get enough to try dyeing silk.

My girlfriend took me to Ann Arbor a week ago. Ann Arbor is a wonderful college town with lots and lots to do.
She took me to great restaurants, this is a picture of our meal at the Ethiopian restaurant, with traditional honey wine.

At another restaurant we ordered this drink. It is made with champagne  poured over a dried hibiscus flower. It was beautiful, too pretty to drink.

Another restaurant was Indian.
With lots of fun textiles.

We went to the largest peony garden in the United States.

They smelled heavenly.

Have a great Summer Solstice and enjoy the Full Moon, I off to weave on my Earth loom and distill my rose petals in to rose water/essential oil. I'll post about it soon.

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking great! I love the caldron will be fun to have the girl come back in a few years to retrieve her family "pot". I can imagine how very fragrant the peonie garden was....great pictures! See you soon! Deb C

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