Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm back!!

After a long month of computer problems and an extremely busy summer hopefully I'm back. I  miss blogging, it makes me slow down, take more pictures and at the same time pushes me to put my dyeing/quilting ideas into action so I have something to share on by blog.
I did a little solar dyeing this summer trying for a rusty red. First though I rolled up some wool with coreopsis flowers, steamed the roll then I put them in a jar with madder root and more coreopsis. I left it in the sun a week

until I achieved the color I wanted..

After unrolling and washing the fabric I got the perfect print for my next Sun block.

The middle of the Sun is the flower print and the Sun's rays are from the middle of the fabric made by the string.

My next Sun block inspired by the Hopi Sun.

We spent Labor Day weekend with our good friends on the Mississippi.

Out we went early morning looking for wildlife.
We saw eagle, blue heron, sea gulls,  

and who would guess pelicans! I never realized pelicans lived on the river.

Along the way we found these wonderful treasures, old clam shells. They still are washing up from a hundred years ago when shell button factories were located on the river. They use to drill out buttons then throw the shells back into the river.

My summer planter at it's best. I'm ready to redo it for Fall.

To all of my moon watching friends, I was not able to see the Full, eclipse moon. Our skies which hadn't had a cloud in them for 10 days were thick with clouds. I caught a small glimpse of it but missed most of it. Hope you had better viewing.


Anonymous said...

Kathy....we had a perfect view of the blood moon and lunar eclipse!! I thought for sure you would be watching. We were surprised as well, but looked out and it was a perfectly clear night. Sorry you missed it. I love you Hopi moon, the dying worked out perfect. See you soon...Deb C

Anonymous said...

It was cloudy here but partly cleared just in time for the eclipse . The friends we were with had a telescope ,it was fun to look though that. Your pictures always look great. Your dyeing is always beautiful colors!! Have a great day! Dn

Peggy said...

The sun is perfection -- you have got the magic, lady.

The night of the super moon was mostly clear here with about 10-15 minutes of clouds moving through. Seems like we too miss seeing so many lunar/planetary events because of the clouds but that's what the internet is for, right?

Glad you're back, Kathy! xo

Deb Hardman said...

We missed the moon too. Sky was cloudy here.i love your Hopi sun!

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