Wednesday, August 12, 2015


The summer weather is beautiful here and the dye pots are calling.
With the full blue moon I was inspired. It was time to dye indigo moons for the Sun/Moon quilt. I brewed up a strong batch,
 the indigo "bloom" telling me it was ready.

I worked very hard to get two wonderful moon blocks.
I especially love this one with moon beams shinning down from the moon and a slight cloud cover.
The block size is around 17"x20".
(After washing and ironing)

My next moon for the quilt isn't quite as good but will do. 17"x20"
I think the quilt needs 3 moons the last one will be a crescent moon appliqued on an indigo block.

A few smaller moon blocks, 7"x10"

Extra indigo fabric.

The quilt is coming along.

I also had a batch of cochineal/madder root solar dyeing.

It will be my next block, a spiral sun.

My garden behind the studio in full bloom.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the first blue moon, the shadowing is perfect!!!! All the blue moons are great, of course my favorite for sure!! The quilt is coming along nicely!! Enjoy the quilt show, it was very nice for sure, lots to choose from and great quilts to see! Deb C

Anonymous said...

These moons are spectacular!!!! WOW! Just love the shading. So pretty! D.

  • Deb Hardman
  • Allie Aller
  • Jenny Bowker Cairo