Monday, July 6, 2015

Foutth of July weekend weaving

Saturday morning up and out I go into the yard gathering flowers for a table arrangement. Usually we're camping and I use my father's old minnow bucket (with a jar inside to hold the water), this year were home but I use the bucket filled with old vacation memories.

After collecting patriotic fabrics for years finally in 2000 I made this crazy quilt flag table cloth.

I don't remember the name of the patterns maker. It was simple method for crazy quilting and a lot of fun.

Last evening I went out to see what's ready to pick for weaving.
The rabbits have been terrible this year eating almost all of my dye plants. I'm very, very upset. My chocolate cosmos flowers that I spent 3 years looking for and finally finding seeds on line were coming up beautifully until Peter rabbit and his family ate almost all of them and other dye plants  one night.

I do have a lot of sweet peas and some dyers chamomile that were ready to weave.
A flower dyed wool strip completes this holiday weaving.


Peggy said...

Your quilt is SO beautiful, and it's touching how you use your dad's minnow basket every year. We have rabbits too even though we also have two dogs chasing them off a dozen times a day. I've just noticed they've completely stripped the foliage off of all the mallow -- the weed mallow. All that's left are the stalks and there's quite a lot of it. I usually use the leaves in soup, but am glad they've taken more of a liking to that than some of the other plants. You need some weedy mallow, Kathy!

Anonymous said...

those pesky rabbits!! maybe you will have to plant in pots or something to keep the critters away! The minnow bucket is a great idea, I will have to get mine out from my father in law. The weaving is looking so nice! It was such a beautiful day on the 4th, good for eating and relaxing! See you soon, Deb C

Deb Hardman said...

Wascally wabbits! OY!!!

I love the table. Thinking of you often. We had a quiet 4th recovering from our Florida vacation.

the nature loom is so beautiful. COME START ONE FOR ME BY MY HOT TUB!

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