Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My girlfriend, quilt artist Deb Hardman made me this wonderful "earth day birthday" quilt.
When I opened the package I about died! It took my breath away.
From the internet she printed a picture of the moon and earth, traced the outline then painted it on silk.

Then machine quilted it. It looks just like a photo taken from outer space.
Simply beautiful. I've never seen a more perfect Earth day quilt!
Thank you Deb.

I bundled up the pine bark from our vacation. I was a little nervous about pitch coming off and getting into my fabric so I wrapped the bark in cheese cloth and used a old dye pot. I simmered the bark a few hours then added the wool and simmered it another hour. Turned off the pot and let it set overnight then washed it out. It came out good, no evidence of any pitch.

This is the finished fabric (still wet). It turned  a rich gold. It will be a beautiful reminder of Spear Fish canyon when in the Fall all the aspen trees are in full color.

Back home in the dye garden "Peter" has been enjoying my dyers chamomile, reminding me of the Beatrice Potters tale of Peter Rabbit and his mama rabbit making him chamomile tea to sooth his stomach.


Anonymous said...

How very pretty the bark dye turned out!! Should post a sign in your garden for the rabbits to keep out! Haha! The earth day quilt is beyond beautiful, Deb is so very talented!! Deb C

Anonymous said...

The quilt from friend is incredible! Gorgeous! Beautiful! So creative!! Just beautiful! Your dyed fabric color is beautiful! Something special for that piece!:)

Deb Hardman said...

Ooooo, I love how the wool dyed up, I hope you kept the cheesecloth too! It would be perfect for adding texture on an art quilt!
Glad you liked the earth day/birthday wish! I miss laying with you! XO

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