Monday, May 18, 2015

Weaving on the Earth loom

It was beautiful Saturday morning, the loom was calling. I made myself a chai and went out to find weaving materials. I found this bush blooming by our white lilacs, I'm not sure what its name is but I thought this will work wonderful.

Working on the Sun Burst is not as easy (or neat) as straight line weaving, but a lot of fun.

I woven in a few rows of the branches and then a row of white wool.

The dew was still on the Lady's Mantle (alchemilla) plants.

The drops look like glass beads on the edges of the leaves.

I washed out the solar daffodil dyed wool. Daffodils give a beautiful, buttery yellow. No green cast like dandelions.

Picked myself a bouquet for my desk at work, white lilacs and lily of the valley. Does my desk smell heavenly!


Anonymous said...

I can smell the bouquet now...they are two of my very favorite flowers. I love, love, love how the yellow turned out...and your weaving is taking shape for sure. Deb C

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Deb, let me know if you need a piece of yellow for a project.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks Kathy...

Sweetpea said...

I have wanted to erect one of these outdoor looms for soooooo long! I'm smitten with the concept of continually adding to the flora + the effects of time & weather. Really lovely.

Peggy said...

Love everything you've been up to! I always do. xoxo

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