Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A pattern for a sun and moon quilt that I designed last year has been calling me, it's time to begin.

Out to the studio I go. The shelves are filled with dried plants, bugs, roots and bark, all great natural dyes.

Just looking at them make me happy.

Until fresh flowers are growing these will do wonderfully.

I began with indigo, crushing the hard chunks into powder.

After a couple of hours I have the background ready for the sun/moon quilt.

The moon is up, the indigo sky beautiful.

Time to take down last years Earth weaving. Back to the earth it goes, it served its purpose, peace,  meditation and teaching, many kids wove on it.  We enjoyed it all year, day time weaving and night time the solar lights glowed. I didn't realize other people were enjoying it also, two neighbors said they loved to see it glow at night.  The Navajo say when a weaving is finished and comes off the loom you have to warped the loom for a new one right away. Mine isn't quite ready, I did add to new top beam and have this years design planned, a round Sunburst.


Anonymous said...

so very cool for your new weaving!! Cannot wait to see your sun, moon and starts quilt! It will be fun to watch it evolve...see you soon! Deb C

Anonymous said...

The blue turned out so nice! Cannot wait to see how you design the "flower" moon from last nite! You are so talented! Deb C

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