Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year 2015

Like most of the country our winter is back and with a vengeance. Icy temperatures, blowing and drifting snow have produced beautiful scenery and if you can stay home, it's wonderful. (I'm not one of those people, but I will be this weekend.)

We have 10 or more inches already on the ground and just as much still coming.

I thought the weaving was finished but no Mother Nature still had one more row to go.

and what a beautiful row it is.

As soon as the sun comes out to charge the solar lights it will glow.

I need to lay my antique gate on top of some wool and let Mother Nature rust print it..

Every year I try to keep New Year's Day for myself, no cooking or entertaining company, just put on a pot of soup and quilt while I watch the Rose Parade. This year I marked a few rose colored lattice strips to quilt. This is my perfect way to start the year.

I also changed my piano from Christmas to winter,

 began infusing coconut oil with organic rose petals and calendula blossoms.
The combination is all about helping dry skin.

After infusing on the wood stove in a water bath a few days I strained out the petals,

and added the coconut oil with Shea butter, cocoa butter and local bees wax. After melting together I add rose and lavender essential oils for the ultimate lotion bars.

A wonderful body cream for the winter.


Anonymous said...

The pictures in the backyard are so pretty and peaceful!! I love it after a big snowfall with no wind, as long as I can stay inside and look at it! Handquilting is the best with anything on tv, someday you will finish your wool quilt I am sure. Winter blessings my friend...Deb C

Peggy said...

Oh, this is wonderful -- everything feels so good here -- your beautiful soft quilt, snow on your loom, snow on the ground and herbal magic! Happy New Year, Kathy! xoxo

Threads of Inspiration said...

Your earth weaving is magical! I scrolled down and saw a few more images of it! As I'm sitting here scratching my arm I am wishing I had one of your lotion bars! Funny, I was just looking at a collection of calendula seeds for the garden this summer. I think your idea sold me! Susan

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