Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Herbal Dream Pillows/ Earth Loom

Last night was my Herb Society meeting. Of course this being October out came "the" hat. I made a new one this year for my daughter to wear when Trick or Treating with her boys.
I have to laugh, my mom always use to make summer hats to cover her hair while at the beach, she would have liked to be a milliner. Now, her daughter making witches hats!

Last night at the meeting we studied about herbal dream pillows. I made these a few years ago with the grandsons and it was unanimous all slept much better. I first learned about the pillows at a herb conference when Jim Long, a respected herbalist spoke about them. He researched and used them for years and finally wrote a book on the subject. A little background from the book: "The European craft of making dream pillows goes back several centuries. There is much evidence, both historical and modern, that pleasant fragrances from herbs and flower do have a positive effect on dreaming".
There is so much more information in this book if your interested he also has a blog.
He goes on to list several quotes from past centuries extolling the virtues for sleep pillows.

My other book I found reference to them is this book "Healing Secrets of the Native Americans".

A couple of pages from the Native America book on the use of Hops for sleeping.

I love this paragraph on President Abraham Lincoln.

At our meeting we had lots of dried herbs to choose from. There are many different herb blends,  peaceful slumbers, convalescent rest, romantic evening, inspiring creativity, and many more.
We mixed the correct herbs for peaceful slumbers.

Some of the herbs we used were sweet hops flowers for relaxation and peacefulness.

Mugwort for increased clarity to remember your dreams, while also encouraging relaxation.

We also added catnip, chamomile, lots of lavender, rose petals, rosemary, and mint.
With this blend how can you not have a wonderful nights sleep.

Mixed well, then we filled little cloth bags for everyone to take home and tuck in their pillow case.
About 1/2 cup per bag is all you need.

Last weekend was peak color season here, the maple leaves were calling me. I went out in our woods and collected some of the reddest,

also a few sumac branches. The sumac leaves glowed.

The loom was patiently waiting, looking kind of dull,
not anymore!

Now it's in full color, ready for the Season.
Not much room left for weaving this year, I hope to weave a row of oak leaves and the final row of winter greens. Then the weaving will have completed the growing cycle of plants this year, starting with dandelions and ending with the greens.
What a wonderful time I had weaving on it. (Oh, and Mother Nature loved weaving too!).


Deb Hardman said...

I had to smile, thinking of how hops can help you sleep better. warren drinks a bit of the hops tea every night (beer), & it does seem to help!

I suspect a catnip pillow might keep me awake though, because the cat would want to play with it!

Your weaving is so beautiful. You should do another every year!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

The Herb members who had cats didn't put catnip in.
I definitely will be weaving on the loom again next summer. It's a great way to meditate outdoors with the Mother Nature.

Peggy said...

Kathy, great hat! I read in the newspaper a few years ago that during the hops harvest north of Denver, the workers had to keep taking breaks for naps! The weaving is so wonderful, I love that you do this. xo

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